Bulacard Million Mentor March


Come join us on the Bulacard Million Mentor March.  We are distributing RFID-tagged postcards (Bulacards) at live concerts and events that focus on mentoring and education.  We are helping the audience link photos, music, and videos messages to the Bulacard.  My personalized RFID technology allows the audience to actively participate in a live musical event and share it on the “The Internet of Experiences.”  We have video recorded the audience as they have received autographs and have shared their thoughts with the President.  We have recorded their short personal statements/messages on improving mentoring and education in the United States.  Links to the information have been digitally written on the self-addressed Bulacards.  Over the next year, our goal is to deliver at least one million Bulacards to the President.  Once received, the cards will be stamped and sent back to the participants.  Each card will represent a unique personal experience that can be retrieved, displayed, and shared using RFID-enabled cell phones. We have developed a mobile, social, artistic form of expression that we are using to promote mentoring and education by sharing personal experiences.


Over My Shoulder Million Mentor March has begun  - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Jan. 17, 2011)